Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016

of princesses and dragons.

purple flowers surrounded the Princess' face, nodding in agreement when the wind touched upon their petals. she picked them up somewhere in the foreign fields. 
while they passed over unfamiliar kingdoms and empty lands, the Princess grew sadder and the Dragon grew tired. they were flying through the forest, and branches swooshed on his toughened skin, throwing warm and humid air into the Princess' face. 
it was time to rest.
without knowing how much time has passed, the Princess followed the Dragon everywhere... she did not remember anymore how it started and why he took her on his back. she did not know how they started flying. bit by bit, she was forgetting who she was, her home and her family. yet, the Dragon did not remind her...

day after day, month after month she spent on his back, passing through foreign worlds, taking everything in. but from all these impressions, people and creatures she met on the way, experiences she made, nothing remained in her soul, or so she thought. something was changing. slowly, unnoticeably... the emptiness she left her home with, was gradually replaced by bitterness and cold. her supple skin became thicker and words could not get through it so easily anymore. her hair grew long and tangled. her eyes grew wild. and something else - their colour was changing. no longer they were amber-brown anymore, but gained a dark but shiny shade. the shade of gold.

and we all know what it means... well, she did not, not yet.

when they rested in the middle of the thick forest, the Princess could not sleep. she stood up and walked towards the opening in the trees. she looked up into the stars. and then something happened - her spine suddenly grew stronger, so that she no longer felt her legs. her arms grew wider and wider reaching up into the night air, her head grew dizzy and the forest was spinning around her body as she was standing in the middle of this tornado... in front of her, the Dragon appeared. as usual, he did not speak, but his golden eyes were fixed on her face. staring into this golden sea, she saw her whole life once again, until the moment the Dragon's heart was born and started beating through her tears. she saw them flying through thick smoke above the empty lands and unknown kingdoms. and then she felt an urge, so strong and violent, she could not bear it any longer! the urge to fly!

- i want to fly! - she cried. 
- there is more to flying than freedom... - the Dragon's words were heavy and sad.
- show me!
his eyes stared more fiercely. the golden smoke lifted. and she saw hundreds, thousands of them under the sun, with glistening strong lithe bodies, their eyes glowing with wisdom and serenity - the Dragons. but something startled the Princess... yes. none of them was flying.
- why?!
- look closer.
in the middle of them was the most beautiful creature of all - her Dragon. he gleamed with happiness and sang his songs and told his thoughts that came right from his soul. he dived deep and opened up his heart. and that's when it happened. 
the others did not care about this depth. their words were serene because they were indifferent. their eyes were glowing because they were sleepy. their hearts were stones and there was nothing to open up. 
shattered and desperate, disappointed and lonely, the Dragon creeped from them... long-long time he fled, until he found an empty space. there he spent five hundred years of solitude. until the Princess found him. and both his grave sadness and her fiery tears have lifted his heart. so he could fly...
- you know that I am not supposed to believe you, - said the Princess.
- and I am not supposed to feel sorry for you, - he answered.
that was how, in the middle of the forest, when the anger from the Princess' past thrusted through her heart and filled her entire body with gravity, her Dragon's sharp claws drilled through her skin and reached deeper than she knew herself. 
that was why her stone-heavy heart was now lying in his paw... and the Dragon remembered himself, oh how she reminded him of his younger days! 
that was when his golden tears ran streaming into her heart, burning it to smoke.
and that was where she finally lost the last feeling of her body and the earth beneath her, dashing into the violet skies, forgetting the present and embracing the future.

the Princess flew towards her home, carrying a golden heart inside, while she finally understood what she has become.

a Dragon.

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