Samstag, 27. August 2011

nine to wait

seven years, they say. 

seven years is all it takes for everyone: to figure out what you are, to know who you want to be and to quit the bad habits.
seven years passed by the Prince & Princesses lovely home cave. 
the pet dragon got one dragon year older. which in fact is seven human years.
seven winters and seven summers passed by and left seven wrinkles on Prince & Princesses faces.
seven sorrows met their souls and seven happinesses touched their hearts.
seven big wishes each of them carried through these seven years.
but only six of them were fulfilled. and the Princess and the Prince both had The Only One and Dearest Wish sitting still in their hearts and not daring to come out.
and that was what made the seven great years seem so short and almost over... 

one evening, the Princess and the Prince were sitting on the porch in front of their cave. both of them were mortified - it was their anniversary the next day and nobody had a gift. both wanted to get 'something special' (oh, how i hate this phrase!), something that each of them knew was carried in the other one's heart. that dearest wish, that would make the seven years 'for better and for worse' - just perfect. the big wish, that... nobody of them knew what it was. damn.
so they both were sitting there and trying to make a clever conversation and ask the right questions and... there there! - lure the other one's wish out! 
how do you think, did it work? well, exactly as something never works out when we try to force it. each of them got the answer. to the wrong question. they went to bed, both happy that they'll have a perfect present tomorrow - not knowing how far far away they were from the truth...
the next day, Prince woke the Princess up with "i have a surprise for you!" (he was sooo glad he cleverly thought about it just the night before!) 
"i have a surprise for you too!" said the Princess self-satisfactory (oh, thank god, she thought about it just the night before!)
he gave her a super-expensive haute-couture-designer-mortar with diamonds on top (for her alchemist experiments) that just arrived by the royal princozon delivery service.
she gave him a hyper-comfortable customized lasso (for his dragons) with a golden monogram embroidery.
they both played happy.
they both thought their work was the dearest dearest wish they had left unfulfilled.
seven years were almost over.

meanwhile, the old wizard was watching this scenery through his magic crystal with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes and railed and swore curses. 
- and this is all what they understood from the last almost seven years! - he moaned. 
- and this is all what it was worth to fight for! - he whined. 
- and this is all why i gave up being a bad man and turned into an old darling wizard! - he exclaimed!.
no, that is enough, he thought. (you see, he was an old man - and old people tend to see the world left in a perfect happy shape when they leave it. that is why they always poke their noses into all businesses - just to 'quickly change everything that has gone wrong since the good old times'). and so he did his magic.

meanwhile, the Prince & Princesses cave was full of people who came to congratulate them on the anniversary. there was the Blue Dragon, their oldest friend, the Dashing Donkey, the Smiley Smurfette, the Gloomy Giant, the Honey Hedgehog and many others from many different stories (but these are to be told in another time...). the party was great and going, but our couple felt worse and worse. 
- the seven years, - they thought. - i don't feel good about it. it's almost over and we still do not know what we REALLY want!
dark clouds were about to gather above their heads again...

and then the old wizard's magic reached the cave.

the Prince looked at the Princess and said: 
- you know, don't you think this lasso you gave me is extremely ugly, actually?
- well, the mortar is disgusting and not particularly pretty either... - followed the Princess.
- i am sorry i never told you what i always wanted to get you. 
- i also kept my wish to myself, - said the Princess ashamed. - i thought great alchemists should not have such simple wishes.
- and i thought the dragon keepers should be too 'macho' to ask their Princesses about it.
the seventh year was just about to pass away forever. and so their seventh wish left their hearts and took its place in their eyes. for everyone to see.

- thank you, i already have your perfect present. - told the Princess, trying to hide her tears in order to not being remembered as a pathetic crybaby.
- ...? - the Prince said. (you see, any men actually always need a bit longer to see anything in any princesses eyes... no offends.)
- and i got 'something special' for you, too, you know. - she went on.
- but where is it, for god's sake?! - the Prince politely and patiently enquired. 
- oh you know. - she hesitated. (be kind with her, it was her big moment!) - you know, you will have it... soon. in nine months.

some of you will say - 'nice fairy-tale'. some will say - 'that's just corny'. 
well, those are the ones who never felt the seventh wish in their heart. 
a wish not for yourself. but for that something that you can very rarely see in the eyes of the dearest person just before the end of the 'seventh year' no matter how long this year was.
a wish that will make you know what you are and what you want to be.
and this, my friends, is not corny. that is just classy.