Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

emphasis of emptiness

there is a precious rule in Japanese cuisine: one should always leave some space on the plate. one should never make a bowl completely full. the tea should only fill eighty percent of the little cup...
emptiness is a very important attribute and should always be present. why? - one considers that only the empty space can give harmony to a subject...

and is that not true?
'if there were no clouds - we couldn't enjoy the sky'. they give the necessary background to the beauty of the sunlight.
so, is not the piece of emptiness - on the plate, in the cup, in our heart - the necessary background for a feeling of richness, taste... love..?

i ask myself - could i ever feel that fully if i had never experienced emptiness? 
when we were children - did we ever realize we were infinitely happy at that time? why is it only later in life that we long for that feeling of cloudless happiness - is it because finally we experienced the clouds and can value the true meaning of the deep blue sky?

i am looking onto my life and see a lot of emptiness that made me sad, brought me sorrow and left a feeling of hollow loneliness. but then i think - maybe, instead, i should feel thankful for the space it left. 
because only then the diamonds of happy moments, of unforgettable times, of wonderful people in my life can have a velvet background to lie and shine on.

and my cup finally seems not almost empty, but almost full.
well, of course, just to the right level...